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What happened to the forum?

I recently had a problem sending email from my personal domain (which is hosted on the same machine as this forum). It's a problem with all shared hosting, as someone else on your same machine can get hacked and have their site used to send spam, which gets your mail server's IP blocked.

Being unable to reliably send email is a big problem, so I sent in a ticket to request that the problem be looked at. My host moved me to a different server, giving me a differnet mail server in the process, and called it a day. Unfortunately, it wasn't a day, because while some of the ISPs that were blocking me before were now allowing my emails, new ones were not. It eventually took three account moves before I was able to send mail to everyone (I hope).

I'm not sure if it was the server moves (involving moving files and databases) or something else, but during this time a few of the tables in the forum's database got corrupted. At first I suspected a hacker, but a Google search of the problem returned few results, and a search on the exact error actually returned no results at all. Hackers never hit just one target, so if it were a hack I'd have had a zillion results on that search.

I tried repairing the database for a bit, but realized there was just too much info missing (annoying, because it was low-priority info like how many views each blog post had) to get things to work again. I thought about asking my host for a backup, but honestly the forum had been inactive for so long that I decided to just pull the plug. We were using badly out-of-date software anyway, so now would be a good time (if people still want a forum) to install something current, and something that (unlike IPB) doesn't cost an arm and a leg to run. There are a bunch of really good free forum packages available now, so that's the direction I'd go in.

If you're dying to see the forum return, drop me a line and let me know.